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Word of Life Daycare & Childcare provides premium care for all parents needing a daycare in Wichita, KS. Look no further than Word of Life Daycare.
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Accredited early education

We provide year-round full and part-time education

Full & part-time education

We provide year-round full and part-time education in the Wichita Kansas Area for infants and children starting at two weeks of age. Our secure environments and low teacher-to-child ratios allow us to get to know your child’s interests to help reach their full potential.

Daycares in Wichita, KS

With two daycares on either side of Wichita, Word of Life Preschool and Childcare offers a caring, safe, christian environment near you. It is a great place to send your infants all the way through six years old if you are interested in a loving, Christian childcare center.

Sports & activities

Weather-permitted, children at Word of Life Childcare get 2 1/2 hours outside each day. Outside activities are highlighted by an expansive playground with extensive safety features.

Writing & speaking

We have a full curriculum of learning experiences. Kids learn through expression, play, exploration, socialization, and expirementation.

Learning experiences

Learning experiences include: spirituality, fine and gross motor development, artistic creativity, reading, math-readiness, perception, logic, and science.

Playing games

While playing games at Word of Life Childcare, your child will develop character and cooperative skills; both independently and as a team.

The gallery


The Word of Life Difference

Discover what makes Word of Life Childcare so great

Satisfied parents

Over one thousand satisfied parents have sent kids through our program with smooth transitions into school.

Easy check-in

State of the art software allows for an easy & safe check-in and check-out process.

Healthy daily meals

Thoughtfully prepared, our breakfast, snacks, and lunches are cooked fresh each day by an in-house cook.

Beloved staff

Our long-term fully-educated staff members meet all state requirements and exceed the expectations of our parents.


We provide year-round full and part-time education